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Origin B2 Speed Trap Warning System

Origin B2 Speed Trap Warning System

RRP: £429.00
Now: £375.00
Price Includes VAT

The Origin b2 Driver Safety and Information System provides the driver with a comprehensive range of speed management information in a user friendly format, the breath and depth of which no other single system can provide.

Category: Radar Detectors
Manufacturer: Origin B2
Product Code: Origin B2
General Features: High resolution screen with enhanced graphics including: direction of vehicle travel, vehicle speed, speed limit, type of hazard, road number and a progress bar with a countdown to the hazard in meters or seconds
Verbal warnings issued immediately stating hazard type and road speed limit
User definable and programmable setting for over-speed warnings.
User definable and programmable individual way point identification
School Proximity Warning Mode which only issues alerts during primary and secondary school active hours and term schedules
Congestion Charging Camera Warning Mode that alerts the driver as the vehicle approaches congestion charging zones during active hours
Driver Information System which calculates valuable information such as distance covered, average speed and journey time
GPS co-ordinate display to assist emergency or breakdown services to identify your location
Directional feature that limits warnings for speed traps positioned in the direction of vehicle travel
Limitator feature that triggers warnings only when the vehicle is exceeding the posted legal speed limit
Motorway feature that only provides warnings on the motorway network and not on adjacent road networks
User Manual: Download
What Do The Public Think? (sourced from various review resources on the internet)

The Origin b2 requires quite a bit of installation wiring to deal with particularly if you want a permanent but descrete installation as I did, so I had a professional installation rather than doing it myself. To be honest there wasn't anything I couldn't have dealt with but initial setting up was tricky and I was glad that somebody else was dealing with it.

If you have a car with a reflective front windscreen or a Ford (I have a Mondeo) with a heated front screen than you will need to locate the GPS antenna on the rear parcel shelf. This is no problem since the lead supplied is long enough. Other than that the installation went reasonably smoothly but even a professional installer took about 2 to 3 hrs. Just a note, after installation check that you have positioned the GPS antenna in a good place and that the satellite signals are being received, before you make the installation permanent, you might want to move the antenna round a little to ensure good satellite lock.

After installation I tried to download the latest camera location info from the Origin website. I then discovered that the power supply you need to power the b2 unit when removed from the car had a dodgy lead. The detector supplier changed the power supply with no quible, the downloads worked just fine after that.

The Origin b2 works exactly as they claim it does and I'm very impressed with it's accuracy and response. It has even more features than I expected and I'm amazed at what info it can give you. I've checked it with all my local speed cameras and it responds to every one in good time.

One thing I haven't been able to verify yet is how well the laser gun detector works because I haven't actually been zapped by one. If this feature works as well as the others I will be very pleased.

The b2 can be slow to lock on to the satellites when first setting off and the alarm which advises of this is both loud and persistant. Fortunately you can mute this alarm until satellite lock has been achieved and you can be confident that the detector is fully functioning.

When in the immediate vicinity of a traffic camera etc. the alarm is highly visible and the sounds attention grabbing. A sythisised woman's voice also advises of the camera type and the correct road speed for the road you are on so you have plenty of time to check your actual speed before the camera location is reached. Note that all settings, including the distance or travelling time to reach the camera site are adjustable by the user, a very handy feature.

I can't say if this b2 is any better than the other products on the market but I'm highly impressed by how well it functions and how neatly it can be fitted. I also like the way the display can be slid out of it's docking station in the car and put into your pocket when you leave.

Thoroughly recommended, money well spent.

All Prices Include VAT

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